Voltage supply with micro second and nano ampere current measurement


  • 1 MHz bandwidth, 2 MSPS (million samples per second)
  • 14bit ADC with per sample dynamic range selection, effective dynamic range from 100mA down to 100nA
  • Streaming of data: 6MB/s
Voltage Supply
  • 0 - 5.125V in 256 steps
  • Current up to 100mA
  • Stable voltage in all ranges, no voltgae drop in different dynamic range.
  • RCA Connector for different use cases
  • HighSpeed USB 2.0, micro USB
  • Simple binary protocol (libusb)
  • 20V external power supply
Additional Features on Front Panel
  • 3.3V and 5V power supply, to drive external hardware
  • UART input/output to communicate with the device under test
  • 2 input and 2 output pins
  • 2 ADC pins connected to MCU to measure volatges between 0 and 3.3V
Cross-platform measurement software (WIP)
  • Live view with trigger
  • Streaming traces to harddrive
  • View stored traces


Gero Müller
Technical Questions, Hardware, Software, Commercial Requests
Tanguy Risset
Research Coordination, Funding
Guillaume Salagnac
Research, Intermittent Power
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